A sprawl and a Reshot.

Just a bit of video testing here...

That guy needs to improve his sprawl, hips are too high. Easy to reshoot.

Kansetsuwaza: Well the guy who's shooting is a not bad wrestler either... They were just playing around.

The video plays no problem? I was worried about the encoding.

video good, wrestling bad. j/k

Dang, guess we'll have to keep on working on it, Bruce...



you know i'm kidding, rt?

Bruce: Probably, but yeah... The sprawl always needs work on... But the guy shooting should have been State champ here in Michigan, but he was too busy hanging with my crew, drinking and smoking too much. When you go to districts with no sleep and come out on the mat still drunk, you can imagine the results. *LMFAO*.

You should post that video then lol

Joey: *LMFAO* I'll see if I can get my friend to find it.