A street fight stories board.

I suggest a board for real fight experience where people can share information and insights into what a great deal of us started fighting for. To be able to defend ourselves. A huge amount of experience on what starts a fight and what avoids a fight can be shared on this board.

The "Mother F'n LIAR" thread was on this topic and big enough to warrant its own board.

But it was a whole topic for itself and with a huge list of keen readers (myself included). Unfortunately it had to be ttt'ed all the time. And it became unreadable.

But the stories from that thread only should warrant an own board for this topic. In addition some threads here and there slip to the bottom of the various forums and you never get to read them on the busy forums unless you really pay attention. I for one feel that I am spending too much time of skimming the boards for stories when it is such a definite topic.

I suggest Chris Brennan to moderate the board.