A striker has no chance against

A striker has absolutely NO CHANCE at beating Vanderlei Silva.

It will take a "Submissions Wizard" to get it done.

*Mino might could do it.

*Mir might could do it (before his accident)

*Royce might could do it.

A striker will eventually connect a perfect KO punch to Silvas head. But instead of a KO, it only wakes him up (how many times have we seen this)

you might could be right.

Ahh Mitch Baker beat me to it.

lol at royce

the guy who has the best chance against silva is a guy with a very strong takedown game and g+p

thats why yoshida did well, he could take silva down and attempt some g+p or subs. Thats why many people feel that arona has the best chance against silva.

Royce wouldnt be able to take silva down and would get ko'd within the first minute

Arona definitely matches up well with Silva - though if he gets cocky and tried to stand with him he's going to get KTFO!

Ricardo and Henderson match up very well with Wand anda have a chance at beating him no doubt.

Well, actually Silva has already been TKO'ed by a striking in MMA.

I would pick Silva to win against Crocop if they fought today but anyone who thinks that if they boxed and Mirko couldnt do it is a little loco (their weights are pretty close).

All stand up, I would favor Cro Cop if I had to make a number on it. Vitor on his feet would have a excellent crack at it if he had his head screwed on straight. big IF. I think silva is devastating, but as proved so many times, anything can happen in MMA. People always bet against Silva at the shops I consult with with the exception of his last fight. I can only speculate that was only b/c of Jacksons new found faith and the 'idea; that he may be going thru some sort of transformation that was detremental to his mental toughness. The Betting Favorites.........the (-) numers.........did go 8-0 this Pride. the pub;ic bet every dog except Silva, Hendo, and Overeem.

Vitor handled Silva good. If Vitor would just fight like that all the time man. But I guess Randy will be Silva's next victim. Oh man I hope they do get to fight. I just hope it isnt in the octagon because good lord that will be boring. Watching couture try to press silva against the cage.

A good Kempo fighter would KO him...

Just joking, of course...

As Cro Cop's groundgame improves, he will have more chances on his feet.

  • perhaps CC wont be as gun shy but he is still years behind Silva in that department. Im pretty sure, Silva could tap CC.

CC shows pretty good defense from GNP in the guard though and if he does get hit, he can take it better than most MMA guys.

manny reyes would do it!!!

Kungfucrew, maybe you havent seen Silva not get "fucked" by Mirko Flipovic, the better pure striker.

Maybe you havent seen him not "spaz" out everytime he fights a good fighters (Mezger, Henderson, Sakuraba, Rampage).

I think you are stuck in the opinion of Silva about 3,4 years ago (even thru his evolution of the last 3, 4 years).

Silva's ferocity is perhaps umatched but that alone would only make him half the fighter he is today.

Wasa-B is correct.

It isn't just that Silva is aggressive. It's that he's very, very good and knows how to make things work in NHB.

There are tons of guys, especially new naive fighters who think they are tough, who come out blazing figuring they will take their opponent out of sheer aggressiveness and ferocity. In the main, they tend to loose and often loose quickly. (See that big English guy against Fedor's brother in the recent Pride show).

Ferocity and spazzing out trying to clock a guy isn't enough in MMA, and if that was Silva's crutch he would have been exposed long ago. But Silva is very smart, very experienced, very well rounded and...as far as MMA goes very technically effective. He wouldn't be were he is if that weren't the case.

Remember that Jackson out techniqued Chuck Lidell, both in striking and on the ground in their match.
He out wrestled and out-struck Randleman (who KO'd Cro-cop). He beat Arona unconscious.

If you think Silva could beat someone like Jackson just by "spazzing out" and being aggressive, you haven't been watching this game very closely.


great points prof.

IMO a good puncher will beat Silva. CroCop would be a lot more dangerous now. Its not that W is weak in the striking aspect of the game, hell no, just that his style leaves himself open to take one as he likes turn the fights to slugfest. One day he'll get caught. He wont be "overrated" or "suck", even though many posters will say so.

Igor would beat Silva at MW/LHW, and it wouldn't even be close.