A stupid question about backup

Okay, I have 2 160 gig drives in my "file server" runing XP Pro. Is there a program that I can install that will copy any changed files from one drive to the other? Right now I am using Second Copy. What that does is copy every file on every partition every night. I want to just copy the changed files for that day. Can anyone help me out with this? There has to be a program that I can use that will let me copy just changed files. Thanks!!!!!

u should have went witha RAID motherboard, well u can buy a RAID addon on controller card

then do Mirroring

that would probably be the easiest speacially with such big drives

Yes there is a way to do this, I can't remember or even think about it right now but I know people who've done it. I'll ask them when I get a chance....hell I'll turn on AIM now and see if they're online. Either way, TTT for you

There is the backup program in windows... try that.

RAID is great for Hardware redundancy but isin't a great choice for data backup.

used to do it in dos.