A Teacher's Teacher

Thanks Eric.

Looking forward to seeing you again at the OFFICER SURVIVAL SCHOOL in Tampa and then soon after in Montreal.


I wanted to share something with all of you on the Team as well as prospective student's of Tony's.

I had the immense pleasure to help out Tony and Tony Torres in Orlando a few weeks ago at an LEO conference. After the conference Tony kindly invited me into what was actually a family reunion so I had the chance to spend several additional days with him and the rest of the clan. It was wonderful in many different ways. However, for the sake of the forum and all of our benefit I wanted to share with you some insights that I gained just from working out a bit with Tony and simply watching him move... In the space of perhaps 20 minutes I gained some tremendous insights that I've been playing with.

Watching Tony shadow box, and do the CQF made some neural connections for me that I had been missing. Prior to my trip I had been working on grooving my CQ strikes, SPEAR, etc. I was looking for the exact biomechanical position in slow motion that seemed to give the highest level of power for the least level of effort (something I thought I was doing already). However, after I got back from Orlando I started doing the moves against resistance, but using a fixed resistance not a bag. Using a wall or car or whatever, I was able to clearly and distinctly identify exactly how to move to generate the most force from the toes up. In addition, I also picked up on Tony's penchant for really working on the penetration of shots (again something I have given much lip service to in the past).

A few days later I was able to work out with a student and friend, the infamous KDRay. He's very experienced and fun to work with. We were using the High Gear and working out a variety of things. As we were working the close quarter form, I realized that my initial eye slap nearly knocked him down a couple of times. Then later on, as we worked the SPEAR he was "flying" back about 6-8 feet after most shots. When we started talking about it later I realized that I had been incorporating much of what I'd seen Tony do into my recent practice and it was obviously making a big difference. So, we then went back out into the garage and began to experiment on KD. By the end of the session he was hitting me with some extremely good SPEAR's and dropping me with sucker punch body shots through the gear.

What was very interesting later was that he related that the experience of getting hit and then how we were working on grooving the shot was very similar to something he experienced in Chinese martial arts from a "fa jing" expert. However, he said that the way that we were working "cut about ten years" off the learning curve as we approached the subject from the opposite end than did the Chinese folks. We were both blown away. And just to think all that came about from watching Tony shadow box for 20 minutes...

It was a fantastic session and I wanted to share the successes with you. The moral of the story is that Tony often teaches us even when he doesn't know it... especially if we are paying attention.