A Teen Was Having Car Trouble. A Sheriff’s Deputy Shot and Killed Him

Shoot first, ask questions and sweep it under the rug later.

Nobody gives a fuck

MPATop Man Wannabe


Ignored content


In to TTT this when we find out what really happened.

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“according to his family”

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LOL at believing any “story” from Vice news. MPA, once again, proving she is the biggest dump truck on this forum.


Whew, that was close


Oh well, some people did something :man_shrugging:t4:

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Yes, his family knows what happened … oh they weren’t there? So yeah, they definitely know what happened.

And Vice? Lol

MPA? Lol

Great thread.


Shit stirring pedo gonna be a shit stirring Pedo


Your dad got out of jail already?
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And yet you still posted on a guys thread you ignore.

How smart is that?
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I’m sure that OP will own it if that narrative is bullshit right?

Anyone got a link? I cant see the OP.

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Lol @ at all the pussy snowflakes using the ignore function to keep their internet safe space

Honestly no need to even read it. It’s the propaganda bs from mpa.

Just ignore it.

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Story sounds like FAKE NEWS!!!

Are you guys REALLY ignoring a poster if you post in their threads about how you’re ignoring them?

I mean to not just be able to ignore someone to the point where you need a tool to actually (not really) ignore them is kind of pathetic enough. Then to post on their threads that you’re ignoring them is a whole other level of weird immaturity.

Do you guys hold your fingers in your ears and sing really loud when someone is saying something you don’t like too?


It won’t filter out their threads from the title page.

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I don’t know it’s their thread until I click on it. I don’t have every member’s profile pic/avatar memorized.

The kid looks to be white. Why is OP posting this?