A thing about Nog vs. Fedor

Everyone here is talking about how hard Fedor is to submit and that Mino couldn´t do anything on the ground. I think that is o.k. but what I find much more impressive is that Fedor could fight standing up with Mino.

I mean look at it Mino is boxing for nearly 15 years has trained with the cubanian Olympic team so I think his punching skills should be very good.

And Fedor isn´t a boxer but coming from a Grappling background so I think that is even more impressiv and strange.

I red it somewhere that he started boxing with 14 and BJJ with 19

"cubanian Olympic team"

i think mino is a good boxer

They said in the Pride preview that he was doing judo since he was a kid, boxing since he was 14, and doing BJJ since he was 19.

Also, Kharitonov just came in 2nd in the Russian Nationals of boxing at HW, and I think Nog edged him out in the standup of their fight; at the very least he held his own.

Fedor supposedly has trained boxing for a long time also.

Fedor looks sloppy in all aspects but is just amazing.
His punches look off balance and lazy but it the mark hard everytime.

Makes me proud to be an out of shape lazy bastard :)

why is it that nogueira is spending so much time on his boxing anyway? why not instead of training in cuba, spend that time in thailand? wouldnt that be of better use to his game?

What exactly will an emphasis on leg kicks do for mino?

everytime mino would clinch he would get thrown to the mat, maybe he should train with the cuban wrestlin team

If mino didnt have his boxing i'd say that the Herring fight would have been much closer

"What exactly will an emphasis on leg kicks do for mino?" would make takedowns easier.. wouldnt it be nice if he could take somebody down for a change?

Mino has a solid orthadoxed boxing approach. He is pretty solid on his basics. Fedor really didn't outbox Mino but followed his strikes with takedowns so well to throw Mino completely off. Fedor completely surprised Mino and is younger, stroger and has better agility.

with that boxing style ,maybe a gold medal,but no knockout

I remember hearing somewhere that Mino started boxing at the age of 17 or so.

where is this land of cubania?

Somewhere between Cuba and Albania?