A Thread for fighters looking for sponsorships

 Despite the fact that I hate to type, I figured this would help people who start threads looking for sponsorships. Here is how I have handled it in the past, I hope you find it helpful.

1) Compose a "fight resume" should look just like a job resume but for fighting. List all accomplishments and certifications. keep in mind sherdog and other databases are not always (usually) accurate. Be specific as possible. List all lineages and competition results. Write a cover letter explaining why you would like to represent their brand and what the benefits for them are. Find contact for as many companies as you can think of and fax or email these out. (contact info can usually be found by using google or yahoo effectively)

2) Spend the time to invest or make a website. Include footage and as much info as possible. It is an easy way to share info with potential sponsors.

3) Hit up local companies. Know a brand starting out near you? Work on a trade basis for one fight, remember, sponsorships are about relationship building.

4) Dont be afraid of rejection. ALOT of companies are swamped by requests like this.. it is a numbers game. If you are not getting any response, figure out a way to make yourself stand out from the others.

5) FInally use the internet. You already use the UG. Dont be afraid of myspace, facebook, etc.  Build a great homepage then add friends. These are great additions/substitute for a webpage. DOnt just put up posts like "looking for sponsors"  BE PROACTIVE!! Write these companies. Its not always free money... its work!!

6) Get a manager who is supposed to do that for you.

I hope this was helpfull,



Wassup dudes. So Ima like fighting in a cage ring in Febuary right and need some moni for tainin an stuff you no.

Really be appricshited if yall could chip some my way yo.

I just do the above.

Great advice. Here is an example of a good fighter website. www.FightFrank.com (video coming soon)