A totally broken man…


you good?

See that lip curled up, fresh from weeping??

Still can kind of see it quivering…

Zoom in on those extra chapped lips. Looks like a god damned burn victim.

Less Xanax, more Carmex!

I mean the guy did some dumb that is pretty inexcusable. Drunk driving is for selfish fuckin idiots. It’s been a day though. He’s gotta process how it happened and how to prevent it. At least he didn’t take that big truck out. From an outside perspective your anger towards him seems like a distraction from your own life. Especially on the holiday today.



This is all recreational hilarity for me.

You want to see anger? Look into the eyes of the man in the picture. He’s seething with rage because God let him wake up again…

Lol OP has a crush.

Jake Gyllenhaal Love GIF


I’m not taking, I’m giving. Not gay.

LOL you are a weird motherfucker.

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What’s going on in this thread??


I must have missed the original thread.


Weirdo in pic snorts xanax and chugs patron before taking his mo-ped for a spin. He posted this pic just before throwing on his helmet (safety first!) and heading out!

Cliffs continued….

I call him out and mock him for being TOTALLY pathetic. And frankly I haven’t gotten sick of that yet…

I don’t wear a helmet.

Please don’t.

OP was bullying dude in the pic who was having a really bad night. Most People pointed out he was a bit out of line and maybe take it easy on someone having a hard time as we’ve lost OG’ers having a hard time before. But OP kept going.
Now he’s just getting obsessive. It’s…odd.


You don’t find it strange that you are emotionally invested into another mans life? I mean, you’re upset. It’s ok.


Who’s the guy? How/why do you know him? Does he OG? Does he have any extra xannies?

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