A UFC Game on the XBox360

Is there going to be any UFC games on the Xbox360 in the near future? They need to have a UFC game.

Yeah im almost done making it

I can't imagine them not working on one in the near future... hopefully they start a brand new engine and don't just continue from that awful UFC Throwdown game.

i heard the new WWE game has great game play, so hopefully they can build on that.

instead of 20 different t.v shows, UFC make a Xbox game damn it

the WWE game is fucki9ng outstanding. Im not a big fan of Pro Wrestling but I love there video games. They have a Create a Wrestler feature so fucking detailed you can create just about anyone. I am working on creating a Razor Rob character I will post it when Im done, and it looks good. Game play is very very good too and of coruse grpahics are great. I would love for a UFC game to be released with a MMA engine

No UFC or MMA are in the making at the moment for the United States. The only thing that the UFC is going gaming wise is that fights will be posted on the XBOX live marketplace for a price of course.

it would be foolish for UFC to not capitalize on this. When the first video game came out it prob didnt make much money but the sport is so much more popular now days. Start with a TUF mode...Than move on to the UFC and have a career mode. this game fits in with the 360 male demographic and would be a top seller imo. Lets not forget that the video game can also bring in new fans just like the reality show did

The reason you don't see any UFC branded video games is much the same
reason you haven't seen any UFC DVD's recently. There are some legal
issues at work here.

I had to buy Pride FC for PS2 (even though I have a PS3 now) just to have an MMA game. Hope they make a new one soon!! BTW - Pride FC is MUCH better than ANY of the UFC games.

I don't know...but gameplay for UFC games are quite tough to create..but, hey anything is possible. Imagine Hooking up the Wii creating a sensor patch or something..and basically fighting with your opponent LOL......yah..that'd be a pretty lame game. But hey, at least you can get a high score :D!

I have tapout 2 for the xbox and it's decent, but could definately use improvement.

I'd buy pretty much any game the UFC put out though.

TTT for Dana or anyone from Zuffa to step up and give us what we want.

you got 6 buttons 2 triggers and 2 anologs, you could make it work on the ground.

UFC, and PRIDE were all awesome with alot of improvements that could make it the best fighting game of all time. I was so impressed with the PS2 K-1 game. They took the idea i had for years and utilized it so well making it one of the best fighting games ever. Full body damage meters showing what damage was done to each part of the body. Example: If you continue to leg kick the opponents left leg the damage adds up and allows a ko, ect. If UFC added this feature along with alot other things now capable in the next generation gaming there would be nothing to top it other than the sequals! And hell whatever tops it would be much better so yay for us! haha.

ttt, ufc needs a new game

dana make it happen

Does Tapout 2 play on the 360? I haven't even seen that xbox title anywhere.

It took me forever to find it, finally found it at a game exchange. Dunno if it plays on 360, I don't have one.

I am glad that I am not the only one who really thinks the UFC needs to have an XBOX 360 game.