A view from the M.E.N

Highlight was definitely the Cro Cop fight...I was shocked @ the irony of the whole thing...Gonzaga is legit... Cro Cop definitely underestimated him.

I was with my dad & my bro's @ the M.E.N lastnight & I must say that it was a great evening. Must say that the atmosphere in the M.E.N was awesome... definitely grateful to the UFC for giving us UK fans a great evening of fights. If the UFC comes to London they'd sell out stadiums I can guarantee it. I mean Joe Calzaghe fought infront of 36000 fans & that card was shit...it was boring!

I know there was a few boo's when the fights weren't active but it's because people had a few drinks & having fun. There was a massive buzz when Bisping came out for his fight... the energy was tangible. I know the he didn't fight a great fight but he got the job done in the end.

All in all... Cheers to the crowd that attended & the UFC for giving us a memorable night.

Come again soon...this time to London!