A way to get Oceans 6 his funds

In light of bro bro bro not making good on his bet, I was wondering if what UGers think of the idea of fellow UGers chipping.in toward that $150 and shaming bro bro bro even more so? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah. Good idea. Phone Post 3.0

bro bro bro basically caused the ban hammer to drop on our friendly wagers. I'm down to help. Phone Post 3.0

I figured why not show that the UG is bigger than welching and dude deserves his money. Phone Post 3.0

I'll chip in Phone Post 3.0

I'll set up a PayPal for all the donations.

Not really keen on paying someone's debt especially to someone I don't know, but I'm in a good mood I guess, I'll throw in $10 but have no clue how to do it, I will need help with that. Phone Post 3.0

Maybe some mods can figure out a way to set this up. I'm not really sure how. Phone Post 3.0

Guys. Thanks so much for the thought and the brotherhood,

but please, if you want to help someone, please donate $ in my name to Fight to Live and her program.

I only bet what I can afford to lose and I didn't lose anything, I was simply not paid what I won.

Seeing others offering to help.is pay enough.

I was drunk when I took the bet with the lowly mud 15er, and it came back to bite me in the arse. I accept responsibility.

You guys rock!

I love this place!

For sure. Set it up. Phone Post 3.0

Muerto -

LOL @ this.

Is Oceans broke or needy that members here should pay the wager on a fight for someone that welched?

Charity is nice and all, but there are a billion better ways to give your money away then to some screen name that makes bets on fights....no offense to Oceans as he didn't ask for this, I just find this very stupid.

No, but he deserves his winnings. Simple as that. Phone Post 3.0

in what thread did this happen?

This welch stuff happens every fight, it shouldn't have been allowed this long. Part of doing business on an Internet forum sadly Phone Post 3.0

bro bro bro is back and posting.

Keep reminding him to pay me every time he pokes his head up

Ocean6 - bro bro bro is back and posting.

Keep reminding him to pay me every time he pokes his head up
I don't get it. A mod promised to ban him. Phone Post 3.0

so surprising that it didn't happen. This place is a model of efficiency

bro bro bro - Good thread. Phone Post 3.0
VD broke loser. Phone Post 3.0

bro bro bro - Good thread. Phone Post 3.0

You are the lowest of the low.

I can only imagine your pathetic life.

bro bro bro - Good thread. Phone Post 3.0
Well, it's official that you have no testicles. Having zero integrity is a low character quality. Likely, you grew up without a solid father figure. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry, not paying his debt.... No offense to Ocean... Phone Post 3.0