A young prospect against UFC’s only Argentinian?

Here is my betting picks for this event!

Santiago Ponzinivbbio vs Sean Strickland
So we have a relatively young Argentinian with a very nice record of 19-2 against Sean Strickland whom many still consider a prospect, which, if you are 23 years old and has a record of 15-0, two of them is in the UFC. You are doing well.

The Californian in Sea Strickland is very well-rounded fighter where he is great everywhere and has some good power and athleticism to back the shit up even more.

The Argentinian is a big 170 pounder whom prefer striking and he do so pretty well with a cracking right hand which he throws behind a very nice jab.
Note* Ponzinibbio has a great killer instinct, if his opponent is hurt he will end the fight.

So the conditioning of Strickland will be a big question here, because it’s his first fight at 170. But other then that Sean should win this pretty heavily.
His style works really well against fighters that’s aggressive and lack deface.
(I guess most fighter do well against guys with low defense)
What do you guys think?
(Some reference from Patrick Wyman)

UFC wouldn't sabotage their only Argentinian representative, and a loss for up and comer Strickland to Ponzinibbio wouldn't be the end of the world either: if anything, it would be a learning experience for Strickland.

I'd go with Strickland's well-roundedness, toughness and superior wrestling, but IMO this fight is a bit of a pick'em.

I believe Strickland is one to watch. Looked great in his ufc debut.

Ponzibinho has gassed out pretty quick so I'm going to say 2nd round finish for Strickland via tko Phone Post 3.0