A3 Gym

Not sure if any one from A3 reads this forum, but I would like to say thanks for a fantastic training experience. Anyone looking to train in Tokyo/ Saitama I urge you to check out A3! Thanks again!


You gone back already?? Why didnt you call????

Hope you had a great time:) Tell us more about your experiences.

Man I was so busy, had an absolute ball!

Who'd you train with at A3? I assume Monma was there.

Yeh Monma was there. I did a Monday class with Seto teaching stand up, grappling classes and Kenji helped me heaps with wrestling. All the guys were fantastic and really helpful.

That's awesome.By Kenji do you mean Kenji Osawa? I really want to go to all the main WK Network gyms if I visit Japan.

Yeh same Kenji, the guy is unbelievable... fantastic teacher and a really nice down to earth guy.