Aaron Brink getting back together. Wants fight.

Just got done talking with Aaron and he is sounding positive, and happy. He is bck to being in a good place. He was asking me if I could post on here that he is needing a fight. He wants to get back in and start fresh.

Hoping someone can hook the dude up with a fight???

Aaron is weighing 230 and in good shape. TTT!

I'll fight him, someone set it up.


How is Brinks doing? It took a lot of courage to go on Intervention and ask for help. the show reported he did in fact relapse after his stint in rehab, how is he doing now and how much time of sobriety does he have under his belt at this time?

Gdospeed to him, hope he makes a full recovery and gets his life back on track.....

Brink has some really cool brothers who really helpped out, as well as a few really close friends who helpped out as well. He isn't doing his movies anymore, and I am really happy to see him doing as well as he is.

 getting back together?

Thanks for posting, good to hear about his recent successes.

 i payed and drove to see him fight 3 times . 2 out of 3 were no shows . 1 was UA and the melee, not his fault . TTT for Brink to get it together.

 good to hear hes pulled it together, where is he training now?

 ttt for Dick Delaware

David Weiß -  Aaron had some small parts in a few movies I saw.

Very small parts.

 So did his wife

David Weiß -  Aaron had some small parts in a few movies I saw.

Very small parts.

Does this mean porno?

thats the problem, he fights but doesnt train. Go sign his azz up for a regular BJJ academy and have him live there for a few years and learn the art, it hindered him before and now everyone is black belt level, he's has to learn and evolve

cardio and BJJ, do it right this time around. He's still young enough to make a run

Tito is at Clebers, he should be there too. He can kickbox with Chute Boxe there also

He has been training at Karo's gym. So he has been getting some grappling in.