AASF Nationals??

Anyone there? I was to go but, I had to run the open mat at my school and could not get a sub. I have some buddies that said it was a good day.

I took 3rd place in the Men’s +100kg (+ 221lb) category.

All right!! Way to go :o)

I took 2nd @ -221, there was only one other guy lol... Was my first sambo match and i got teched, tripped me up for 4, hold down for 4, then tripped up for 4 again, i took his back right after i got tripped only to find out i already lost..lol
The jacket changes everything, the kid neutalized me with the grip fighting, but i enjoyed it and i will definately competing in sambo from now on...competing in this sport will only make me a better grappler.

I won my match in the consolation finals by submission to take 3rd place. There were a lot of talented guys there.


My buddy is giving me a tape. I can't wait to see it.


Welcome to the sambo world :o) Glad you enjoyed it! See you at the next event!

Definately, im looking foward to it..What is the next tourney? Sport or freestyle?

Next one is Sport - third week in May I believe. I will post the info. The Next Freestyle is September.

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SamboSteve, do you know if anyone will be posting results or photos from the tournament on the internet anywhere? Thanks.

I got a call from Bruce Jones last night.  He had one guy from his club win it.  He said they had a good time, and that he saw some very good sambo there.

all this talk of sambo is making me itch for september.

I will be posting the full results of this event in my next newsletter. Anyone who is not on the e-mail list, drop me a line.