Abbaye des Rocs Gran Cru!

A masterpiece of the beer world brewed by real belgian monks!

(~55 degrees, goblet.) Pours with a rough off white head which lasts for quite a long time. Color iss deep copper/red. Initial aroma is of sharp cherries and sour yeast, some roasted malts and chocolate following behind. Carbonation is quite lively but soft at the same time. Flavors of strawberries, melon fruits (honeydew, it's there!), honey, just a touch of coffee and roaste barley at the end. A touch of bitterness accompanies. Very warming as you swallow, very relaxing and comforting, yet highly complex and engaging! A masterpiece!


This is the Gran Cru version of the original, but they're both very highly regarded. In fact the original has higher scores than the Gran Cru.