ABC News just said Black People more likely to Die

Of Colo Rectal cancer. How can this be possible? I though we were all exactly the same? I thought race was a made up construct to these folks.

The ASSMAN is racist.

Watermelon makes yo ass explode yo



We are.
This is just a result of white supremacy in medicine.

Do you know what it’s like to willingly enter a hospital as a black man? You might get a rectal exam or you MIGHT get Tuskegee’d.

Fast food can cause colorectal cancer if I am not mistaken. Fast food joints are the most common establishments for black folks to get food.

Rectums are racist

who would of thunk

cheap, easy food saturated in fat and salt would be deadly

kind of like why the media doesnt understand why Covid is disproportionately affecting POC;s