ABC Pro & Amateur MMA Rules Comments Closed

From: ABC MMA Chairman Nick Lembo, NJSACB and ABC President Tim Lueckenhoff of Missouri
Re: ABC Pro and Amateur MMA Rules Comments-Close of Comment Period 
Date: September 23, 2008
The close of the advertised and published comment period for outside parties was September 17, 2008.
I would like to thank the following websites for publishing my invitations for any interested parties, including the public, to
ADCC News, Angermanagement4mma, Bloody Elbow, Bloody Knux, CBS Sports, Fight Opinion, Fighters, Fightlinker, Fight Ticker, MMA Convert, MMA Linker, MMA Madness, MMA Memories, MMA Online, MMA Opinion, MMA Playground, MMA.TV, MrSport, NYCFIGHT, Sherdog, UFC Junction and USKBA. 
I would especially like to thank the following individuals who submitted written comments for me to share with the Committee. I truly appreciate their time and value their input. 
Comments were received from:
Ricardo Almeida is from New Jersey. Ricardo is a well known veteran of the UFC as well as Pride and Pancrase, both of Japan. He has won numerous submission grappling and jiu-jitsu tournaments. He is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and has his own academy and affiliate schools. He has trained and cornered many professional and amateur competitors.
Brendan Barrett is from New Jersey and has fought professionally for the IFL, Ring of Combat, Reality Fighting and Extreme Challenge.
Dr. Mark Belafsky, now of California, recently retired as the longtime Chairman of New Jersey's Medical Advisory Council.
Katrina Belcher, of Tennessee, is the editor of The Ultimate Female Fighter. Com, the founder of National Association for MMA Fight Professionals, and is a student of krav maga, grappling, agedo and kendo.  
Eugene Bellida is a fan from New York. 
Dr. Johnny Benjamin, of Florida, is the Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics, Director of the Joint Implant Center and Director of Medical Specialty Procedures Surgery Center in Vero Beach. 
Jeff Blatnick is from New York and is an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling. Jeff was the head of the Mixed Martial Arts Council from 1997-2000 for the UFC, under its prior ownership. Jeff developed fight rules, medical policy, scoring criteria. Jeff authored the Mixed Martial Arts Council Manual. Jeff is licensed as a referee and judges with the New Jersey commission.
Jordan Breen is a journalist and radio show host for Sherdog.
Donnie Carolei, of New York, is a licensed mixed martial arts and kickboxing referee in New Jersey and several other jurisdictions. Donnie earned his 7th Dan from Grand Master Peter Urban in USA Goju. Donnie was a point karate, New York State Kumite Champion, Kata Champion and holder of several martial arts Hall of Fame awards.
Joseph T. Catlett. Jr, of Virginia, is the head instructor of the Catlett School of Karate/Self-Defense. He is a former U.S. Army karate and stickfighting champion and a former W.P.K.O. karate number one contender and a Pennsylvania state kickboxing champion. 
Edward Chung is a fan from British Columbia.
Brian Cimins, from New Jersey, is the founder of Grapplers Quest and promoter of Sportfighting.  
Scott Coker, of California, is a longtime combat sports promoter and promoter of Strikeforce mixed martial arts which airs on NBC. Coker promoted a mixed martial arts event which drew over 18,000 fans in San
Dr. Domenic Coletta practices in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where he has been a licensed ringside physician since 1988. His medical specialty is in the field of Emergency Medicine and he is on the medical executive board of the American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians.
Eric Colon, from New Jersey, is the owner of Tong Dragon Martial Arts, a professional mma judge licensed in New Jersey and at the Mohegan Sun. He has fought as a professional mixed martial artist. 
Mike Constantino of  New Jersey is the owner of AMA Fight Club and manager of the school's fight team which has had fighters compete at
every level, including the UFC.   
Andrew Correa, from Virginia, has refereed professional mixed martial arts in Virginia and New Jersey as well as at the ADCC's, Grapplers Quest, CBJJ and Gracie Nationals. He is the head instructor at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  academy. 
Monte Cox, from Iowa, is a longtime and well-established fight promoter and manager. He started Extreme Challenge and has promoted over 100 events. 
Brian Crenshaw, from Virginia, is the mixed martial arts representative of the WKA, an entity that sanctions combat sports, including mixed martial arts. 
Mick Doyle of Nebraska, is a former Irish kickboxing champion, International Kickboxing Organization champion, fighter and head coach of the United States Muay Thai team, competitor in various martial arts
tournaments and corner man for several fighters.    
Paul Freitas is a fan from California.
Mark Gentry is a fan from North Carolina.

 you'd think the way Breen was constantly reminding fans to write in to Lembo, that there would be more fans on this list. 

I guess we all thought "there are so many of us out there, I don't need to write a letter"


you forgot everyone on the list after Gentry to Wulkan