ABC/WaPo poll has Biden at 37% approval

Totally honest poll I’m sure. He’s at no higher than 30%

Fuck ABC and the Wa Post.
But most importantly,
Fuck Joe Biden


37% of Americans are certifiably fucking retarded is what that poll shows.


I’d be shocked if it was over 20%.

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Everything is fucked.

I like him better than Putin right now

The dominion machine took this poll I believe




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Have you seen the news

Absolutely not

Biden is a terrible President. We are still far out from the elections but his term may go down historically bad for the Dems. We need to get these old corrupt establishment pieces of shit out of office including on the Republicans side.

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There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from


Putin may be the only person in the world that Biden could gain majority support against.

Biden is going to lose the midterms and very likely the white house. His presidency is cooked already.

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Putin / -200
Biden/ +180

I hate Biden with a passion. I’ve stated this in the past but it is my goal to actually piss on his grave. I’ve lost my job over this dumb fuck

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