Abdominal conditioning for BJJ??

I'm posting this here as opposed to the S & C forum as I hope many of you who have much more experience in BJJ than I do can give me some sport specific training methods or suggestions on how to improve core conditioning. When I do guard work, my abs tire quickly and feel like they are on fire.

Does anyone have any BJJ drills that would help improve this or even any non bjj ab exercises that are most suited for grappling?

thank you!

Drilling armbars,triangles and kimuras will improve your core a lot

About the best ab workout I've ever experience that is directly related to BJJ is the "old school" closed guard situp into a cross lapel choke while your opponent is standing. Don't get any better than that...

Yoga is good for general core strength.  I try to do some of yoga, pilates, handstands for minute intervals (yes, kinda like matt furey).  As far as sport specific, drill the hell out of armbars, triangles, kimura from guard.  I practice popping up to my feet from my knees and keeping my hips as low as possible which seems to help with core strength.  Any kind of wrestlers sit out drills will help as well.


Eat a lot of hot wings and beer. This my routine, and I'm sticking to it.

work your butterfly guard and do ab workout from there.

BJJ in general is good for the abs, I like to get people to jump guard then do ab crunches (you can start off by using the other guys lapels to assist and then progress to arms crossed in front of you, then hands above head then holding medicine ball).

This is a great excercise for the person standing as well as it works their standing base against a moving weight.

BJJ training, especially bottom game, tends to overemphasize abdominal strength--be sure to do some kind of pulling movement for the lower back to ensure balanced development and avoid injury. Deads, cleans, swings, snatches...all good choices.

If your abs are burning just from regular training, there is either something wrong with your body or wrong with your technique. It's one thing to "get in shape", it is another thing to have your abs burning doing regular training.

having one of those dips machines that you can use for leg lifts is nice, b/c I think you can duplicate the motion of rolling back into spider guard.

Holding onto both sides of the top of a door frame w/your back against the side of the frame and doing knee lifts if nice for abs and the 4 finger grip.

Should think about what moves you're doing that are causing the exhaustion could be technique or too much time forcing one position...eg it's easier to roll back and lift your legs if your knees are kept close.

What Bolo means to say is "you suck".

Just kidding.


I hate that "hands-tucked-in-your-belt-defending-the-open-guard drill.

It totally hits the abs as you have no rest without the aid of your arms.

It is an excellent skills and conditioning drill.

Hate it, but I need to do it.

Kettlebells have worked well for me. Great for conditioning your core.

Marsman's post is so very true....that is a definite ab killer! That comes from Carlson's school in Brasil that he used to make his students do in 80's....Liborio, Conan, Soares, De La Riva etc..and they make their guys do it.

Wutang is correct.