Abdominal soreness after core workout?

I just started getting back into shape a few weeks ago and while some soreness is expected, I feel something might be wrong. Like I feel like I a muscle might be pulled out of place if I move incorrectly. Thing is, I don't feel anything unless I stretch out my core or bend over to pick something up. It goes away after a few days of rest, but this is a recurring problem.

The only thing I can think of is a hernia, but I know don't have one. While I'm out of shape, I don't think what I do is extreme or out of my capabilities. I'm trying to do this 5-6 days a week and can only do it 2-3. I don't believe my core workout is that intense. Is there any sense to this at all? Anybody have any ideas?

Hanging knee tucks (I hang on a pull up bar and raise my knees to my chest) = 20
Crunches = 100
Hip extensions (Lay face up and raise my hips to the ceiling) = 20
V ups = 20
Seated medicine ball twists = 30
Superman extensions (Lay facedown and raise torso, head and legs toward the ceiling) = 50
Neck bridge = 1 minute
Alternating knee to elbow sit ups = 20
Total time is about 8-9 minutes.

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Noticed no replies, so here's some thoughts.

First, you don't say  how old you are or how out of shape. If you're under 150-160lbs and in your 20s, it is quite odd to be experiencing problems. If you're older and you went at it too hard from being sedentary, it could be a hernia.

You don't say exactly where the pain is or how long it has been going on, but if it keeps happening, you should go see your MD.