Abhaya Resurrected

Many of you will remember Abhaya.ca, the website for a Canadian school run by EDIT: BROWN belt Rowan Cunningham. It used to feature the most complete free technique section of any BJJ site (let alone any single school) with videos explaining a wide range of techniques from all major positions. The instruction was detailed and well explained, and the moves were solid basics, not just flashy gimmicks. All was well until the success of the site killed it -- the bandwidth demands brought down the videos. And this caused much :'(

I thought these videos were lost, but I was fortunate enough to have a friend who had saved all of the videos to his hard disk. So now, with the Magic of the Internet (and with the permission of their webmaster), I present:

Knock yourselves out.

Thank you very much.

Thank you!

The lists of clips on Google Videos comes from searching for "abhaya bjj", so if you want to find a certain techniques, you can just add another keyword to the search. For example, "abhaya bjj armbar" gives you all the armbar techniques. You can do this for chokes, mount, escapes, side control, guard, etc. or even go as specific as "butterfly guard sweep".

Rowan is a very cool guy with awesome jits.


Thanks for hosting these clips. I'm glad to hear from so many people who found these techniques helpful.


P.S. I'm a brown belt now:)

I also archived the entire site on my harddrive. When the site went down I felt pretty smart for doing so.

Infinite thanks from me to you, Rowan.

rowan's instruction is balls. i learn a lot every time i am fortunate enough
to train with him.

Triple Threat 4 Life!

ttt for abhaya and cool vids Rowan!

double post

Thanks, nice work!

Rowan is the shizzzo!!!

ttt for running a great club and being a great instructor!!

We need ya back in Hamilton to get our train back on track!!

Great to have Rowan in the Maritimes- expect good things from both he and his students. It is nice to see a skilled, young guy with a good attitude/sense of humor and solid values in the business. All the best.


You can download all of the videos in a zip file here:


I'm basically just totally awesome.

"rowan's instruction is balls." - can I use that one in my next advertising campain? :)

Jeff D., never fear, the triple threat can never die.

Andy Kwan, others will have to pick up the tourch I layed down when I left Joslins. However, when the need is greatest, I will return to deliver rightiousness to a little corner of Hamilton. Think of "Aslan the Lion" in Chronicles of Narnia. If you were still thinking of visiting the east coast, I've got a spare room for you.

Sam, your too nice to me. If you got to know me better you'd realize I'm basically a bastard.

Aesopian, your computer savy is nothing short of mesmerizing.

i never said the guy wasn't a bastard.

Thanks, dude! That was very kind of you.


Some of these and many other videos are posted here as well. A guy I train with runs the site for fun and is happy to put up anything people send him.