Abhaya Sub-Grappling Tournament

Thank you to all the competitors and spectators who came out this weekend. We had 80+ competitors who showed heart, skill and excellent sportsmanship.

The advanced divisions were a treat to watch, a few times I would miss calling points because I was enjoying watching the match in front of me!

The skill level in the east coast is quickly catching up with the larger populations in Quebec, Ontario and the Western provinces.

Thank you for enduring the growing pains experienced as we tryed out a new scoring system. Your feelings on the system would be greatly appriciated.

Finally, any constructive critisism will help us put together an even better tournament next time around (BJJ tournament this fall).

Thank you, Rowan Cunningham

The Abhaya tournament yesterday was conducted professionally, ran very smooth and was a pleasure to attend and compete in. The organizers and refs did a great job. It was nice to see so many competitors come out and show great skill and action. I liked the idea of having a separate tournament no gi and look forward to your future events.

It definitely was a very well-run tourny. The only thing I heard around me was that there should maybe be a mandatory rest period if a fighter is to fight back-to-back. It was definitely a great time. Can't wait till next year when I can actually compete!!


Thank you for this tournament.
You, Pat, Babs, Dana, Paul and all other volunteers deserve a round of applause.
Wonderful job by all.

I'll be there to help out in the fall.


Is there anywhere I mightbe able to see results? Nice job Valley guys. Seeya in a few days Fitness plus crew!