Abit or Gigabyte

I made a thread looking for some suggestions on some good motherboard/processor combos. A few guys said get the Abit NF7. when I went to the computer dealer, he brought up some good stuff about a couple gigabyte boards that seem pretty interesting. Price is no problem, but I didn't tell the guy that. The processor I'm gonna get for sure is the athlon 2800, now I just need a motherboard. Is there a particular gigabyte board that wouldn't be too bad or should I just go with the abit board?

Thanks again


I've had great luck with Asus and the MSI board I have now is very nice. No experience with those two, but Abit has a great rep.

Are you into overclocking? If so, there is no comparison to the Abit NF7. I have pushed my Athlon 2800 and Corsair PC3200 XMS to 10x250 without incident. You can also adjust the FSB by single MHz, instead of increments.

I've never had problems with Asus, Abit, MSI, or Gigabyte. My buddy just bought a sweet Gigabyte mobo from Microcenter it has almost everything, SATA, IDE & IDE RAID, on board LAN, 4 RAM slots, on board Audio (some people might not like that). Just all around very solid, he scored it for like $110 or so, however I believe it's not the latest version, I think it's FSB speed doesn't go higher then 333mhz...but don't quote me on that, i can't remember the exact specs and I'm too lazy to look up the model number

my NF7 (no oc) is rock solid

I just built a new rig with the abit nf7 v2.0 and a 2500+ that runs at 3200+ and it's the best rig i've put together. If you buy the abit make sure it's a version 2 (v2.0) and buy pc3200 ram and up the fsb to 200 and you got yourself a 3200+ for a third of the price. This is what I did.

IMO it dosn't really make much difference. What you need to be looking for is the extras the companies add to the product and how it compares against the price.

Nforce 2 is a great board though (assuming thats what an NF7 is). I have an ASUS oc'ed, and have no problems.

yeah, the abit is the nforce2 chipset. What I like about it most is that it comes with 6.1 Dolby sound that's better than the audigy's.

Also, newegg.com sells NF7 refurbs for around $50 when they have them. I've purchased 2 refurbs from them and both of them were brand new..the boxes had never even been opened.

As long as you stick with a name brand, you'll be ok. Just look for the features you want and do a little research to make sure it isn't a total piece of shit.

If you want to learn more about a particular model, check newegg.com. The user feedback section is excellent. Also, check tomshardware.com, but it can be hard to find what you're looking for there.