Abmar Barbosa series review?

I haven't seen any reviews of this set yet. I'm interested but would like to read some reviews first.

Posted by scrappy from another thread

I do. I personally love them so far. For me an instructional can either teach 'moves' you already know with added details or twists that help you get them more often or it can give you unique moves you haven't seen.

This set was both for me. I got a few good tips on basics like the flower sweep and learned some gi chokes from closed guard I hadn't seen before. The de la riva and spider guard stuff is sick but I haven't really watched them as much as the closed guard stuff. The de la riva disc has a lot of inverted de la riva stuff and also gets into some solid passes.

Abmar is a good teacher. He points out all the details, there are good camera closed ups for grips and he shows things from every angle. He does a good job of telling you mistakes to avoid and where to put pressures but does go on and on like some can.

Probably not for white belts but definitely a great attacking set with a lot of cool but practical set ups for chokes, armlocks and sweeps. Have only breezed through the disc on passing but it looks like very solid stuff as well.