Abolitionist Teaching Network, far left group cited by Biden administration, has deep ties in US academia

‘They’ve caught on to our racist and divisive CRT propaganda, quick change the language…’

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What are they trying to abolish?

“For Black and Brown children in the United States, a major part of their schooling experience is associated with White female teachers who have no understanding of their culture,” the Rochester, N.Y., native began. “That was certainly my experience.”

Culture doesn’t fucking matter.

You go to school to learn. Do your work and shut the fuck up like everybody else.


White people.


Sounds like they’re calling for segregated schools to me…


Just saw this yesterday, crazy woman who includes her academic credentials in everything she does. Of course Biden and Harris are connected.

lol definitely


“We are advocating for a school system that works for all children, not just Black or Brown children,” she told the paper. “But what we are going to do first and foremost is start with those kids who have been marginalized and neglected for centuries.”

seems unlikely to me.

Her academic credentials are a joke. She teaches teachers. That is like one step up from teaching dog behaviour classes.