about army hand to hand

ok i jumped on the army site and was interested in infantry i tried to go into the army before but didnt have a ged now i do when i talked to the recruiters the first time they stated that there was good training at fort hood something about a jiu-jitsu teacher real close to the base well does he teach at the base or what exactly is the hand to hand that the army teaches i have a basic knowledge of brazilian jiu-jitsu but the guys i train with are limeted to basic brazilian jiu-jitsu arm bars knee bars chokes any info would be appreciated


Daredevil, irony at its finest. (1b) and (2) lack punctuation as well.

Bangin-cool name. What are you bangin? Would it be a drum, or perhaps gang-bangin or something else worthwhile? Last I knew, arm bars, knee bars and chokes are not necessarily 'basic BJJ', but can be very advanced. Matter of fact, after a few years of BJJ I still haven't made it past these 'basics'. And if you watch the Mundials or Worlds, most of the submissions in the BB divisions are the 'basic' choke or arm bars.

Army combatives is not just BJJ, but a compilation of the best techniques of various styles such as Judo, western style boxing, wrestling, kali, muay thai and more. Of course there is plenty of BJJ as well.

As far as the program, it can take you as far as you want to go with it. The personnel representing Alliance/Ft Benning all did very well at the recent NAGA Atlanta, which says a lot for the program and its effectiveness.


Either click on the Army logo at the bottom of the page or this link, the Combatives hot key is there and it will answer your original question.

Major Bob