A couple of days ago I was directed to a site. Since then my homepage keeps getting directed to some bullshit and the IRL is about:blank. I reset to my real homepage and it keeps going back to about:blank. Pop ups are going crazy. Spybot hasn't helped. I am running IE with windows 98. What can be done to rid me of this? If I ever find out where this shit comes from I am going to hijack a B-52 and carpet bomb the whole fucking city.

type spybot search and destory into google

download and install it

let it clean up the spyware

be more careful what you click on

You must switch to some other browser such as Firefox from mozilla.org. MS doesn't release patches for the versions of IE that runs on the older Windows, and even if they did you don't have automatic update so you wouldn't get the updates.

Even if you got this one cleared up, you'll still keep catching them all the time.

I just downloaded firefox and so far it is working great.

Do I still need to clean up the shit that got on my computer or is OK to leave it? If this firefox keeps working I'll send mozilla some money. I always thought that people who bitched about microsoft were whinners and jealous of their success, but now I'm thinking microsoft could be the anti-christ.

do a "system restore" to before there hijack ware started poping up