About Cable Crossovers

I recently was in the weightroom after wrestling practice, and me and a friend were lightly lifting. He went over to cable crossovers, and reccomended we do this. I remembered the old thread about its uslessness, and commented on it. He made the point about how it is not usless, siting cradles as an example.

My Question is, for wrestling where those types of holds are used, wouldn't cable cross overs make sense?

Thanks, Nick

Furey is right-- it's still mostle legs and back force for the cradle. And just before you lock it in, it's as much a pulling motion (best worked by chin-ups) as a pushing motion. So you're going to be better off working squats, abs, and grip work for cradles.

If you're using your arms that much for a cradle you got problems.

Urquhart is correct, core, leg and back strength are way more important. I usually just use my arms as hooks and use my weight to take away their leverage.

Besides, get a sandbag and bearhug that if that's your interest. Then you can throw it around after.


Yeah I was reffering to the crossface cradle. I do know how to properly do the cradle, my question was more based towards (I forgot to mention this) situations where you need to quickly get it back. I.E. your opponent works your grip or mule kicks out, it would be easier just to quickly use your arms instead of readjusting position.

Thanks for the answers,