about chiefs backup larry johnson

So in 03 when Priest hurt his hip, we thought he might be like Bo Jackson and completely done. So we drafted Larry Johnson in the first round. Then as we all know, Priest shows he's a miracle man and comes back and sets the record for most NFL touchdowns in a year last year.

During that time our other backup Derrick Blaylock had competition and put up a hell of a fight to be Priests backup & won the spot. So now that Priest is hurt he's been starting most of the time and our first round pick Johnson was throwing a fit, and he's always said messed up stuff to the media.

Last week Blaylock got hurt & Johnson got over 100 yards & had about 40 receiving yards.

He said to the media he's impressed himself with his performance. Everyone here is calling him "Leon" from the Budweiser commercials. Hilarious.

TO takes the "Leon cake", IMO

LJ might be a close second.