??? About Early UFC events...

why is it that it is more enjoyable to go back and watch Ufc 1-12 than it is to go back and watch say Ufc 76?its weird as i have watched Ufc 3 and Ufc 6 too many times to count..i never rewatch modern day events..anyone else the same way?i have a few questions though..

does anyone know how guys like Julien Sanchez(fought Coleman at Ufc 11) and the guy who fought6 Don frye in the first round of the David vs Goliath tournament made it into the Ufc??i mean, there is no way guys like this could look impressive on video or otherwise..so, did ufc purposefully let them in like lambs to be led to slaughter to build up guys like Frye and Coleman?

what was the pay like for guys who won the first round and then lost?i remember reading an interview with Keith Hackney and he mentioned something like he got $2000 for winning his first round fight over Yarbrough..yikes, is that all these guys weere making?anyone know what fighters were guaranteed to make just stepping into the Ufc in the early days?

when you watched ferozzo/Tank at ufc 11 did you honestly think you were watching the best fighters in the world?i mean for a guy like Ferozzo to make it to the finsls of a tourney, what does that say for the sport?

is it true that Gary Goodridge supposedly had pretty much zero trasining going into ufc 9???he didnt have any boxing experience like he claimed nor did he really train in Kuk Sool Won karate..he had been to the schol a few times but that was it, he was an arm wrestler and that was it..obviously a weightlifter as well..

were the brackets chosen at random or were they paired by the higher ups at the Ufc?i mean, id have to guess that someone sat back and cleverly paired the brackets so top guys were on opposite sides of the bracket..examples in Ufc 3 where Royce and Ken were on opposite sides and Ufc 4 where Severn and Royce were onm opposite sides..does anyone know how they chose the fight pairings?

I'm watching UFC 1 right now lol. Phone Post 3.0

Alot of the fight pairings were done by random draw after Rorion left.

IIRC) You made $5,000 if you reached the semi`s.

I can tell by the post that you either watched them after they happened or have lost perspective.

No one knew what they were doing back then compared to now. Promoters,fighters,fans. None of us. Tank for example, the consensus back then was that he was a bad dude. He was stronger than anyone in there and was knocking people out. We didn't know that 200 ufcs later he wouldn't be able to beat anyone at heavyweight(prime tank vs anyone now).

Perspective was different. Phone Post 3.0