About Euphoria MFC

Aside from our obvious woes, it was an absolutely wonderful experience.

  • The entire tournament was like having a Pride show, with all really credible matches, here in the US. The quality was much like the huge WEF card held in Augusta, GA, years ago. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in this sport attend the upcoming MFC cards.

  • Ben Rothwell is a really class guy. He came over and was humble in victory. He didn't just shake our hands and leave, he actually spent time talking with us. Great guy.

-Miguel is one of the most laid back, high profile people in this sport. He is genuinely concerned about the fighters and everyone involved. It has been a completely cool experience being associated with him.

-As well, the remainder of the MFC staff were cracker jack positive and helpful the whole time. Great crew.

-Thanks to JJ and Carol at Casca Grossa for their sponsorship!

To Travis Wiuff and Monte Cox,

I paid the price now for the free employee buffet food. The results are not very civilized to consider.

Damn you, Diesel, for conning me on this forum into eating it! (lol)

Busta was there as well.

Ryan Schultz is a really down to earth guy. I talked with him about 5 minutes and enjoyed it greatly.

TTT- sounds like a first class show!

High profile? I dont know about that, but man thanks for the kind words. The Euphoria group now backing me let's me do what I do well, which is get talent, and they bring so much more than I have before.

Dont get me wrong, the AFC, HOOKnSHOOT and my ADCC projects have enjoyed the best sponsorship and support I could imagine. But Euphoria's approach is just completely different, and I am thankful.

James, call me tomorrow. I need to talk to you about that website....

I enjoyed myself but was a little disapointed with the lack of a KO!

Rothwell really had a heavy KO, Yves was a great kick again! More than 2 may be too much to ask, dont you think?

well if we were under early UFC's rules Ulysses Castro would have gotten the KO against Schall...


The 4 guys advancing in the heavywt tourney are primarily grapplers.


thanks again for everything!

How did the Schall Castro fight go?

Schall v. Castro:

Castro pressed the action. Schall made good defense by striking back with Castro pushing him into the ropes alot. Schall would hit Castro and he would keep on coming. Schall took Castro down with a lateral drop, but Castro scrambled back to his feet before Schall could establish position.

Castro kneed Schall in the groin in round 1. Time was stopped and Castro given a 1 point deduction. In round 2, Castro was inside leg kicking and hit Schall in cup, flooring Schall. Ref stopped the fight and DQed Castro. I don't think the groin shots were intentional, however, the ref was enforcing the rules. Castro would have won simply on striking and aggression if the fight had not been stopped.

awesome show. miguel, you did fantastic man. thanks for hooking up the incredible seats.

it was amazing to meet fedor and minotauro in the same night and be able to talk and hang out with all the fighters.

awesome night. and hermes is the man!!!

Thanks for coming - glad you enjoyed the show!

You GOOTA come to the 2nd rounds!

"I enjoyed myself but was a little disapointed with the lack of a KO!"

The Yves KO was worth the price alone!...Awsome show!

"I enjoyed myself but was a little disapointed with the lack of a KO!"

The GnP seminars put on by Wiuff and Jouade should compensate well for that.

rothwell got a ko and so did yves. the fights were pretty good. i have a feeling the fights in the second round will be sick.

Lightweights left: Clementi, Edwards, Hermes, Hansen =sick matchups

i just wish the damn camerman would have went to another corner, i couldnt see shit from where i was sitting.

hey miguel, i'll definitely be there for the second round. lets do the same seats again if we can. and this time i wanna meet you so i can thank you in person.


"The Yves KO was worth the price alone!...Awsome show!"

Who did Yves KO? I saw a TKO via ref stoppage.