About fight with hands down

Whats your opinion about fight with hands down a lot like a principe and Roy i think it should be dAngerous but there are a lot of person which tell me about good advantages in counterpunching.

Should I train sometimes with my hands down or continue with my hands up for a fight.

Train with your hands up.

Only if you have superhuman reflexes (read: Roy, Whittaker, The Flash, Neo) should you even consider it.

In the '20's fighters, even cuties, usually fought with their hands down.

Well after he retired, Jimmy Slattery, the Buffalo Harp, sparred with the then up and coming Billy Conn.

When Conn circled in the now conventional hands up stance, Slattery turned to his corner and said
"Why is he covering up? I haven't started punching yet"

Funny that years later people called Ali's style new school.

All that aside -


Your hands don't need to be pillars in front of your face, blocking your vision. They can move, parry, sweep, feint, but its obviously better to have your hands up.

The higher up your hands are, the less time it takes for them to travel to block and parry. Unless you are very, very gifted, keep them up.

Not i am not asuperman

James Toney keeps his hands low often but he is also extremely good at covering his chin with his shoulder and rolling to take punches on the shoulders. If you can pull it off, it has some advantages. It's harder for your opponent to see punches coming because he's not used to it. Some fighters (like Toney) also seem to use it to lure their opponent in so they can fight on the inside. Few boxers can resist the urge to wing a punch at a seemingly exposed chin.