? about image on web site

I started a web site for my family because my mom and sister take sooo many pics and can never show them to people until the holidays roll around. Anyway, my problem is with the alt= attribute to describe the image.

I've used it just fine when I type img src=, but when I use an anchor I don't know where to put the alt=.

I've tried moving it around but to no avail.

If this makes any sense, please help. I'm probably missing something very easy and will welcome remarks on my stupidity if you tell me what I'm doing wrong.

You want to make an image with an alt message that also links somewhere else? Don't try to do it all in one tag.[a href = http://grappling.co.nr] [img src = http://s89065344.onlinehome.us/killbilllewis.jpg alt = "Bill Lewis is really Paul Viele"] [/a]Bill Lewis is really Paul Viele

Actually Andrew, my site is set up so that you can click on someones name and it goes to a picture(s) of that particular person.

But for some reason I'm not comprehending how to put an alt message on these images.

So right now I have this,

[a href="steve.jpg"]Steve Morris[/a]

My ? is where do I put the alt= for the message?

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for taking the time to help.

You can only do alt for inline images, using the img tag. You can't do it on a link to the pic.

Gotcha. My roomate thanks you for helping me. I was thisclose to putting my foot through this thing.:)