? About Kids BJJ Class

What do you guys who run a kids BJJ class do to keep it fun for them while also teaching them fundamentals? By "kids", I mean teenagers around 15. What are some good ways to keep them from losing interest? Thanks.

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15 ? those kid should be treated like adults in bjj classes,adults classes start at 14 yrs of age

Ya bro...I dont know about 15 year olds in a kids program. Our program runs from 7-13 year olds. We only have one 14 year old in there, and he usually does the adult program.

With the kids you have to really mix it up, sometimes throw in races, and other bjj activities that make it competitive without just constantly showing bjj techniques. Kids have short attention spans and get bored easily, so if you turn bjj class into a normal school class, they will get sick of it pretty quickly.

Get them to play "bulldog".

i have run a kids BJJ program for over 8 yrs now, mine is age 6-13 unless the 13 yr old is really big. 14 and up is in the adult class, 14 is a freshman in high school....

as far as kids classes I teach them BJJ just like I do adults, teach the yellow belts seperate from the white belts, we do fun things liketrying to push the other person out of a circle, and then we just spar, most all kids love to wrestle. Thats fun itself......