? About Koral kimonons size

I'm thinking about getting a Koral Kimono. I'm about 6ft 220-225lbs. I know the Koral is pre shrunk. I can't seem to find a size chart for Koral. I prefer my Gi top a little loose, but I don't want to completely swim in it either. I was thinking I'd need an A4 top & A3 pants. Thanks to anyone that can give me a little more info



I just got a Koral....haven't even rolled in it yet. I'm 6'4" 235 and the A3 top is perfect....A4 was too baggy for me. A3 pants were best for me too. might be a teeny teeny short but the A4 pants were too baggy.

Thanks exactly the info I needed. Much appreciated

if you need further info, check www.jiujitsuprogear.com. Gilberto is a great guy....very very helpful.

I'm same height and about 20 pounds lighter than you. I wear a Koral A2. I find the A3 a little baggy in fact the pants on A3 won't close properly because I'm too skinny now. If you plan to drop down I might go for the A2.

Damn i just ordered a Koral yesterday, I chose an A3 im 6'1.5 and 210 I hope it fits nice. It seems like it will based on what ArcadiaDan said. Cant wait my atamas gettin a lil small and beat up.

I was expecting an A4 personally but I had been told previous that Pe De Pano, who's about my height but heavier than me, wears an A3 in Koral. so when I got to the JiuJitsu Pro Gear shop out in LA I tried both on and was rather surprised to see that the A3 was the far better fit for me....it pretty much fits now like my Atama A4's fit after them being wash a bunch of times. have actually washed my Koral already once b/c the tailor who sewed on a patch stained it a little....and the pre shrinking is for real. IF IF it shrunk at all its a microscopic amt.

i just gotta a koral and definitly think they run big. i usually wear an a2 but could maybe wear an a1.

Does the color run or fade much? I'm thinking about getting a blue one.

i got a white one and it turned a little pink after i washed it. so blue may fade but don't know.

I washed mine by itself...and some of the patch I had sewed onto the left lapel started to crack a little. I guess that's my fault for not turning it inside out.

macavelli - you would be the king of all cheaters if you wore an A1 hehe


I am 6'3" & 290lbs. I have an A-4 and it fits a little loose. I wish I had got a A-3, as I like to have shorter sleevs. Nonetheless, it fits great, and is my favorite among the 5 Gi's i have!

If you like, I can email you a photo with it on and you could get a better idea.

Dustin Ware / rdware@cloh.net

Thanks Dustin, I have an A3 on the way from talking to Gilberto it should fit great. Thanks for all the responses


Gilbeto is a good guy. I have known his now for 3 years. He goes out of his way to provide Top Level Customer Service!

I hope the Gi works for you!

Dustin Ware

Team Jorge Gurgel


Jiu Jitsu Pro gear is by far one of the best companys I've ordered from. The Gi is perfect, so glad I got an A3 I'd have been swimming in an A4! Much nicer than the Adidas Gi's I currently own. I got my order in 3 days. ttt for Gilberto! Great customer service

Do the Korals only come in double weave? Is it a standard double or are they much lighter? I like my gold weaves and want to try a Koral but I dont want to have a heavy gi .

They are pretty light, much lighter than most doubles. I'd imagine they are comparable to a gold weave