? about leglocks at Bud World Cup

I know purple belts in the GI get to do leglocks but does the nogi advanced get to do leglocks?


brandon i think so-- but i will ask joe or aaron to verify that or just start a thread (attn:joe hurst or aaron helfenberger

ok thanks

brandon you might want to check out www,budweiserworldcup.com and check in the rules

whats up man. In No-gi advanced division we do allow leg locks for sure. Good luck. Hope to see you there.

we will be there, with most of the Gracie Barra Tn team.

Pedro Brandao and his brother Marcello will be doing the Pro divisions along with Casey Oxindine. Soneca may come with us as well.

Sounds great. Can't wait to see you guys their.

when they say no leg locks does this mean nothing on the legs or what. no ankle locks or achilles locks etc?

you are allowed to do achilles locks in all divisions. Just no toe holds and no heel hooks. The rules will be explained the day of the event also.