? about reps for ab training

Hey guys! I've always felt that "excessive" reps in ab training was more a waste of time and energy than it was worth. For example, how much better is it to do 800 reps (in total) as opposed to 200 or 100? Let's say you do 50 crunches, then 50 leg raises, then 100 side sit-ups (50 each side), then 50 flutter kicks, then 50...

At what point do you get diminishing returns? Just how much time and effort is really necessary to spend on this area?

I personally have always had a 6-pack and I hate ab training. I don't need to work abs for aesthetics, but I do need to work them for my fight training.

I feel that 50 SOLID reps is enough for any given ab exercise. Not sloppy form, momentum-driven reps, but 50 slow and concentrated reps with a pause for contraction at the end of EACH rep. This makes for a pretty tough ab workout if you have a few excersises (totalling about 200 reps).

I'm interested in hearing about reasons why more reps would be necessary for ABS. I also wonder about this regarding other BWE like pushups, squats, chinups, etc. But when it comes to other bodyparts (mostly arms and legs) I do feel that high reps are good. I would have a hard time mastering the patience to work up to 1000 pushups at a time, but I do feel this is very useful if it can be done. Any thoughts on these things?


I'd rather do weighted ab exercises. Better results, unless your goal is to do a lot of crunches. People who are working abs for a six pack don't need to be doing any/much endurance training.

"At what point do you get diminishing returns?"

After you get above the 15-20 rep range, the returns are small. If your looking to add strength or size, then stick to lower rep ranges.

"I'm interested in hearing about reasons why more reps would be necessary for ABS."

They're not.

I'm with ChemichalSage, I've made the best gains in overall strength with the heavy stuff, and I've really been doing many reps in my days... one of my instructors wouldn't let anyone go home until we'd all completed 1000 situps... draw your own conclusions about form :-/

More intensity and less endurance.  I'm sure your abs are more then strong enough already from your fight training.

Do these:



These are also great for your abs but may results in head/neck injury if done with bad form:

After about 10-15 back summy's your abs kill.


I think the 'do x 100 reps' advice is mainly mental and isn't for building functional abs.

I would recommend various rep and set schemes. Main issue with defintion being lowbodyfat.

stronger abs movments such as Oh squats, turkish get ups etc, lower rep ranges 1-6

thank you
Coach Hale

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Thanks for the suggestions guys!

Coach Hale: Could you provide a description of Oh squats and Turkish get ups please?