? about Shadow Priest PVP

I have levelled a blood elf shadow priest to lvl 40 so far, but have not done much PVPing. I have not been much of a pvp person with my main (70 orc hunter) either. I would like to duel more and do some battlegrounds here in the near future.

My question is what is the usual series of spells you usually use during your pvp combat? What have you found to work best against different classes?

The last duel I had, I played hell trying to keep a troll rogue off of me.


Dots/Vamp embrace/fear/mindblast/mindflay/silence heal/spell and dot/mindflay more!

Against casters sub mana drain for mindblast. Also make sure to be using your fear as a silence or to get you room. Shadow priests are pretty solid up in higher lvls. In fact they pwn pretty hard, but i'll always say i'd rather have a disc/holy priest to spam heal a mage/rogue/war/lock for real dps.

And as a shadow priest you should be able to easily beat rogues. Get SW:P and a shield/renew asap so being stunned isnt a big deal. Once u dot them and get shield bust your fear and replace the dot and toss a mindblast and learn to kite them. Kiting rogues pisses them off so bad. Just dot and shield yourself and run around and bust fear everytime u can. You should be able to easily bust rogues down as long as u dont get caught without a PW:S on..

shadow isnt the priest pvp spec anymore. youre best move as a shadow priest pvping is to go respec 28/33

if you still want to pvp as shadow, dont mind flay warriors or rogues in melee range.

strafe away from melee enemies instead of running from them with your back turned.

dont spend 15 seconds trying to mana burn a mage or warlock that can kill you in 7

dont forget to dispel opponents and yourself but dont ever fucking dispel unstable affliction

Good post by Fei, i wouldnt roll shadow. Priests get begged for between 60-70 for instances. Just get full rested and instance to get revered in whatever u can.

A disc/holy priest is prolly really hard to come by on a pvp serv much less.

one thing to remember tho is that while its hard to justify shadow spec on a 5v5 pvp team, i have NEVER been more in demand for pve content, both heroics and raids, than i have as a shadow priest in the burning crusades.