? about STAB program

Guys, I have been working the STAB Program lately and I have been wondering what would be a good way to integrate the Jack hammer head butt into the system?

The only thing I know about the STAB program is what is shown on the Spring Camp 2004 set.


I think from the two on one position, you are in a fair position to jackhammer as long as your head is in the pocket.

The big difference is that the Jackhammer is usually done from an Underhook and Neck Tie position where your opponent's head is trapped.

I could be worng. I only saw it at Spring Camp and worked it into a Knife Defense class I taught in October though. It seemed pretty effective from the 2 on 1.

Karl shows a lot of headbutting in his STAB tape, as well as the Denmark/UK dvd's from the two on one.

Just grab your partner and try it.


Thanks for the info.

I will look into the SAB Video, I take it he sells it on his site? Also, how much overlap is there between that video and the spring camp one? and if I have those two, is the UK & Denmark set worth getting too for the STAB portion?

Sorry about all the questions.