About Systema

Has anyone seen the Beyond the Physical or Strikes DVDs? I know the site has plenty of reviews but was wondering if any of the members here have seen them. Thanks.

I trained live with Vlad just once while visiting Toronto, and have a few videos a couple years old, not the totally new ones. It's weird, a very few guys can really do it though.

I've made this analogy before... Ppl say that JKD has no fixed movements. JKD and a lot of the RBSD are formless like "lego" in that there are pieces that are freely rearranged. Systema is formless more like playdoh. There LITERALLY ARE NO FIXED MOVEMENTS.

Not having trained in depth with them, I can't say whether ppl can "really fight with it" after a few months/years. A lot of what they did was slowed down.

Some of their guys win grappling tourneys apparently.

I CAN say it was fun and they were nice folks.