? about the 50/50

Does anyone know if there some advantage in entering the Heelhoke from the 50/50 position? I have lately seen Ryan Hall and Imanari using it, I usually enter it the other way.

OK, I'll bite... what's the other way?  Of course, I could give several advantages for using 50/50, but let me hear your thoughts first.

There is no Bite, I throw my leg that is on the outside over and hide my foot under the other leg, in the 50/50 they throw over the leg that is inbetween the oponent leg over and triangulo on the outside. Since I see people having success with it in competition and mma, I am curios why they prefer the 50/50

seems like in mma this would get your face smashed

Imanari actually makes a X with his feet on each side of his opponent's leg.

When you do it the way Ryan Hall usually does it, you actually end up doing the inverted heel hook. That one is much nastier and harder to counter.

wtf is 50/50?

something bravo made up?

no sreiter, that's what some people call the leglock control position where, for example, your right leg goes over his right leg and you triangle your right instep under your left knee outside of his right hip, while hopefully attacking his right foot/leg with a reverse heelhook with your right arm (or maybe other footlocks). basically you both are in the same position (50/50) but whoever has the foot is the one in control.

i think the key is to get to his foot before he defends it (perhaps before you enter the control position) and to be able to defend both of your own feet.

what are the keys to defending your own feet in this position?

i think the 50/50 is better for the reverse heel hook and the standard control position is better for the regular heel hook.

thanks -

never heard it referred that way -

paulson and some others hide their feet under the guys legs, butt, etc.

interestingly, i learnt some ways to do it @ gokors and not in shoot class (yuri)

50/50 has a lot of unique entries and is easier to get into than the over/unders, IMO.  For my money, I'd rather have the over/under, but I get 50/50 a lot of the time.

There are much better leglock control positions, especially ones that do not expose your own legs.

Reference Roy Harris' BJJ 101 vol 3 or Heelhook Seminar tape for the 4 basic ones that give you great control with minimal exposure.

IMO, the easiest entry is from inverted guard especially when the guy is trying to pass standing.

They usually don't see it coming.

Lets change the question is there any advantage in using the inverted Heelhook over the traditional heelhook?

i don't know how to quantify it, but the reverse heelhook is just way nastier lol. maybe that is a relative structural weakness with those particular ligaments, or maybe it's just a matter of perception.

if you look at the ryan hall/henry matamors video here:

(1st vid) http://ryanhallgameplan.com/blog/

you can see that the leg that is on top of the triangle in the 50/50 crosses over top of his belt line across to the other hip which would seem to prevent the roll.

in ryan hall's vid he said it was the same one imanari used on silva, but it is slightly different, imanari crosses his outside leg under his opponent's far leg, which seems it would be tighter and safer, although may not prevent the roll as much:


Both Imanari and Ryan use the 50/50 setup, which does allow for your own legs to be attacked, but if you're WAY better than the other person at this particular setup and you know what to do, you'll win the battle 99% of the time.

Thanks for your comments in this thread, I'd always wondered why Imanari triangled outside.

So basically triangling inside is ideal, but it is often easier to triangle outside, aka the 50/50. In either position you can heelhook or reverse heelhook, depending on whether you cross the leg over.

That about it?

"So basically triangling inside is ideal" i think that is a matter of debate and depends.

seems ok use it sometime for foot locks,any other high %% finishes from there.