? About the A-Rod Deal?

Why is Texas paying $67 million (or whatever it is) of A-Rod's contract when he's playing for another team. Were they just THAT desparate to get out of paying the rest over a shorter term?

they are saving around $125m on the deal even by paying that 67m.....so its not that big of a deal to them

they are saving a shitload of money

my prediction.....

after next season Texas signs a field player to a 6+year 10+mill a year contract!

not until the dallas stars make some money....hicks has lost over 65m on them over the last 3 seasons

I don't know if I'd call it "saving". They're still paying for a player that's playing on another team.

you can look at it that way, or take into account that texas had to get rid of that money...

they could eat the contract and stay in last place with no room to move financially

they could trade him to boston for manny and save apprx $94m

they could do the move to NYY and save $125m and get a great player in return who only costs about 5m for the year

that is definitely saving given the nature of that ridiculous contract