About to get free reiki

Mind assplode? Phone Post 3.0

i hope you lose some weight from reiki

An acquaintance of mine is a "Reiki Master".

She was dumped by her fiance a few years ago, went crazy, and now massages people's auras for money.


About what it's worth.

I got offered a free session while back too. Haven't gone yet. Phone Post 3.0

It was 15 minutes- sat in chair, closed eyes. She put her hands in my shoulders, hands, head, ears and feet.

felt relaxed- guess the freebie worked Phone Post 3.0

^The study's own author doesn't agree with the conclusions you've stated & implied.

What's your angle here? You're smart enough to know chi is bullshit, wizards aren't real, & pain management is irrelevant trivia to the general claims of reiki. Are you yanking chains for the lulz here? People die over this nonsense. It's not worth perpetuating even for fun.

The fact the You Gonna Get Raped meme is unused disappoints me.

" why wouldn't you give it"

Because yo are the one & only guy defending this nonsense on this thread, & I believe you are being willfully dishonest.