About to give up on sports

I don't know what to do anymore. Every weekend for the last two months I have gone out on friday and saterday nights and had a blast only to watch the Redskins on Sunday and feel like I got punched in the gut. It all started back with UVA losing to South Carolina back in the begining of September. We had a great team this year but got killed by injuries and lost games we should have easly won. Then my Red Sox lose in game 7 to the fucking Yankees. Of all teams it is the Yankees. This made my fall and start of winter the worst one ever. I seriously felt like I had broken up with my high school sweetheart for the next two weeks. Friends and co-workers actually called me to say they heard what happened and were sorry. I swear I was a zombie for that weekend after. So then I thought that maybe, just maybe, the Redskins would be able to do something for me this year.

I went up to the Jets/Skins game on thursday night at the start of September. We looked good. We won. We even won the next week in a come back against the Falcons. Then it just got crazy. We lost to the giants in a came we had. We beat N.E. but they were banged up. Then we lost to Philly. That was it for me. Now, after these last three weeks I seriously don't know if I can take it. Losing to Carolina, Dallas, and N.O. has made me realize that this team has serious issues. All of our players that I thought were great stink. Trotter, Lavar, Armstead have to be the most overrated LB's. Bailey, Smoot, Iffey and Bowman are a crappy secendary and I couldnt even tell you who is our starting D-line now. As for our offense? I have no clue what to think.

Every couple of series I see a flash, a spark, something that gives me hope that maye it is starting to click, then a flag is thrown. Today I think it was 12 penalties for 160 yards? This is unheard of. This team is turning into the Raiders of the 90's or the Yankees of the 80's. We have an owner that tries to blow it up after every year and sign all these free agents. The problem is that every year I buy into it. Well it stops here now.

I will still wake up every Sunday morning and put on my Redskins jersey. I will still fly the flag out front of my house while they are playing, but I refuse to back them in any other way. You will never see me post about them here, or anywhere else. I will not get into football discusions about what they need to get better or how they match up in the coming games. I will still go to my 2 games a year, but I will not lose my voice by the end of the first quarter trying to get the crowd into it. No longer will I buy into the hype that this year, this game, this play, will be the begining of this great franchise returning to glory. Someday soon I pray that I get to see my Skins back in teh playoffs with a chance to get to the superbowl. Thats all I have ever asked for form them, a chance. But all you will see from me until then is a flag and a jersey from a disenchanted fan who is at the lowest point he has been at because of a sport.

imagine what it's like being a pittsburgh fan!

Baseball- can't even compete cause of so many factors!

Football - should win the sueprbowl but can't win a few games they should win!

hockey - lemiux is back, now he's not back, now his back is hurt, he's back again, he's hurt his back again!

Pitt college football -one of the best defenses in college football last year only loose 2 players to graduation this year they give up 400-500+ yards agame

Piit college basketball - team goes deep in tourney coach decides to go to UCLA for sun and money

You're not going to get much sympathy from me!

Notre Dame



I am in a sports hell...

Brian: Thats what happens when you are a skins fan. You hit rock bottom.

At least all those teams you guys are talking about have been decent lately.

Steelers fan - feel like killing myself

Ohio State - Still happy, can't go undefeated and beat Michigan every year

Red Wings fan - who knows from year to year now

Indians/Tigers fan - Indians came sooo close. Will they ever again? Tigers... good lord. Go Cubs!