About to start Alien: Isolation

Anyone here played it? Is gun be scurry? Phone Post 3.0


Hope that helps! Phone Post 3.0


Let us know what you think. Phone Post 3.0

It asked me at the start of I want head tracking via Kinect (for peaking around corners) and audio tracking (alerts the enemies). I'm glad to see some devs are still thinking about the Kinect. Those are options that could be interesting in a survival horror, not too obtrusive. Phone Post 3.0

In for full report Ripley. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

No scares yet but the atmosphere is awesome. Love space games and this one has a good vibe to it so far.

Here's a quick clip I recorded if anyone wants to see the graphics:
https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=186FC13999A226CD!753 Phone Post 3.0

K finally getting back to this tonight. Couple Alien sightings now. Most trouble coming from these God damn Android fuckers though.
Graphics are pretty good.
Atmosphere is pretty edgy. Hiding a fair amount.
The Kinect head tracking not working so shit hot. Phone Post 3.0

DaSiccness - I wanna play, but I'm not shelling out 60 bucks for it. Phone Post 3.0
I bought it used for 50. New games are 70 in Canada. I usually finish games quickly and then resell or trade so I end up playing single player games for about 10-15 bucks. Phone Post 3.0