About To Take My Son Fishing For The First Time

He is 4, so we are just going for brim or oscars. We will use an ultralight rod with 8lb trilene. Bread for bait and a bobber... Old school style... I hope this ignites a passion in him that I have had for fishing throughout my life. Phone Post 3.0

Good luck OP. My son is 3 so going to wait till next summer. Can't wait as I love fishing myself and haven't been since he was born.

such a very cool moment, i imagine. anxious for the day this happens with me and my kiddo.

have some fun, sir! good luck to you and tell him stories of that fine sweet mama's pussy, they're never too young Phone Post 3.0

I took my sons catfishing for the first time and that was a mistake. They got real bored real quick and we caught nothing, lol. Bluegill are where it's at for little kids.

Awesome , good luck!! Phone Post 3.0

Man, catch a lot, or catch nothing, that's a great father/son moment. Take a picture regardless! Phone Post 3.0

Awesome. Have fun! Phone Post

Be careful. I bring my little guy so often that he doesn't want to go anymore, so I bring him anyway. Enjoy! Phone Post 3.0

i have been taking my 7 yr old son fishing for about 4 years. theres alot of time spent untangling reels and trying to get him to watch his bobber and not throw rocks in the lake but its all worth it to see how excited he gets when he catches a fish.

He liked it. It was a very short time that we were out there, but it was almost dinner time. He already asked me to go again tomorrow. He caught a brim and 2 oscars. One of the Oscars was pretty damn big, too. He set the hook and reeled it in. I took the hook out, and we threw them back into the canal. It was an awesome experience. I am sure that this will be one of my favorite memories of being a Dad. Phone Post 3.0

very cool, have fun & good luck! took my 4yr old son today. didn't catch a thing but had the best time hanging out

Don't force it. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just have fun! Phone Post 3.0

FLIP IT - Coool shit! South Florida?
Yup! Phone Post 3.0

FanToFighter - Don't force it. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just have fun! Phone Post 3.0
Most definitely! Phone Post 3.0

Just took my boys to a local place that has a private stocked pond for rainbow trout to see if they would like it. It's called Catch A Trout. Old school fishing pole with no reel. They loved it, going to get them some real rods and start going every Friday evening. Phone Post 3.0

I'm in the process of teaching my boy to cast a fly rod. It has been fun.