? about V.Pro Wrestling/Firepro

I read some of these games have a ton of MMA characters. Which is the best to get?

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I still treasure my Fire Pro for GBA. My nephew (7) keeps asking to borrow it. "From my cold, dead hands, maybe..."

I liked Fire Pro D better than the ps2 version

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I just bought Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 for N64 on ebay. How does this one stack up?

On a different note, Galactic Wrestling is a lot of fun. Granted, it is not realistic, but it is the Muscles Wrestling.

Virtual Prowrestling 2 is one of the best prowrestling/mma games that I ever played. I used to work at EA and we would play this game nearly every day for almost 2 years.

When I went back to EA and worked with my buddies again 2 years later we did the daily VPW2 matches again. When you find a good group of people who can play well it's very addictive.

Once we had a match that went 90 minutes. We played one hour at lunch, paused the game then continued after work.

cool. how does is it compare to FP The Return and the other versions G/D/Z/R


I had a buddy who bought a Saturn and six controllers just to play Fire Pro Six Man Scramble. We played that thing to death. Great series.

I wouldn't mind seeing it make the jump to 3D, though, although it could be risky.


The Detriment: it kinda did with the Kings of Colosseum series on ps2. same timing based grappling system in 3d. fun game although most people preferred fire pro.

does anyone have fire pro returns ?

If so could you rip a .iso for me ?

I wish there was a working DC emulator so I could play D again.