Above Ground Pool

The wife and I are thinking of getting an above ground pool this summer (live in ME and can’t dig on property for in ground).

Looking on Amazon, there are a lot of good choices with good reviews but looking to OG brothers for any recommendations

The more expensive the better. Usually.

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I know a guy who made a stellar backyard fish pond who could probably give you some tips if you want to try a DIY project.


Next summer: Above ground pool for sale!!


They are a pretty big commitment. Most people don’t realize how often you are required to tell people it’s temperature. It can be overwhelming at first.

“Did you bring your trunks? The pool’s 84.”


Will you put it in the front yard next to the trampoline?

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Got one last year. Used it until I would have gotten hyperthermia. Can’t wait to use it soon.

Had one growing up, I was a tad envious of the people with inground pools, but as I look back I realize that it didn’t matter at all, I swam every damn day when it was warm enough, and probably every other until we covered it for the winter.

Pools are awesome, don’t listen to anyone who says it’s a lot of work. Yes it requires maintenance, it’s part of the deal you passive jay-like faggots.

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Shame 99% of the audience won’t get this.
Gold sir, gold !

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Probably better off raiding a nearby apartment community with a real pool or joining the Y

El Big Sam should be here for this.

Get a real above ground… not the intex shit… They are fucking garbage.

Get one with actual walls and posts. Have the company install it and deal with the levelling.

When ordering your pool request pvc plumbing and fittings and have them glue them. Hose clamps are bullshit.

Get a proper pump and a sand filter… A simple chlorinator installed in your plumbing will be good enough for your chlorine tabs… Never ever put your tabs in the skimmer.


They do require work, but its fuck all compared to the fun you have with one for sure!

Just keep your skimmer basket clean, pump basket clean, vacuum once a week ( on the waste setting) backwash your sand filter every 2 weeks and skim the surface with a net 10 mins a day. its easy!


I hope MNG doesn’t mind, but in this thread, you and your advice is not just needed, but loved.

Your knowledge and love of all things pool related are fucking awesome, thank you for popping in and letting our brother know what he needs to. I’m sure he’ll be asking you a shit ton of questions so don’t disappear.

I’m sure you have heard it a million times but I haven’t said it yet, you have great bobs.

Thanks duders! Thats the nicest thing ive heard here in a long time! Yaay!

Im always here to help anyone that needs assistance with their pool! Xoxxo

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It’s not always bickering and trash talking, there’s times when we in the different specialties are called upon, I’ve helped a few OGers now, and there’s no better feeling than helping out a brother here and a quick tit pic.

Respectfully of course.

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i feel special knowing i am a one percenter

MrsMedic did
MrsMedic shit a couple years ago and impulse bought one from Costco while I was gone for 10 days.
Seemed as good as any other one.
She never even used it once, her sister blamed me for turning her into white trash.
I made her give it to our friends that have two kids…

I just had mine taken down after 21 years. All in all, we loved ours. When my kids were little, they practically lived in it during the summer. I am 65 now so I doubt that I will be getting another.

I would but the broken down car on blocks is there along with our old lawn mowers and overgrown weeds.